MSVCDIR env var on XP

Mark Story mstory at
Sat Sep 27 23:53:40 EDT 2003

Got it!  Thanks Ryo!

Ryo Sakaguchi wrote:

Hi Mark.

Try Taking out the include,
and also, slash after VC98.



Mark Story wrote:

> Hi,
> Is something different about the way the MSVCDIR environment variable 
> handled on XP vs. WIN2K or NT?   It works fine on WIN2k for me, but I 
> just bought a machine with XP-Pro, set all the env vars, ran 
> makeheaders, etc., confirmed the env vars a billion times ... but I 
> still get an error when trying to execute hcustom.
> hcustom says the following:
> > hcustom
> The MSVCDir environment variable is set, but does not point to the
> directory that contains the MSVC include files.  Please set it
> correctly and try again.
> >
> Yet, I can cd into $MSVCDIR and ls the contents using this env var, so 
> it's not making sense of why hcustom is unhappy.
> Here's what it's set to:
> > echo $MSVCDIR
> Any hints?
> Thx!


mstory at

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