Detecting mesh inputs

Mark Elendt mark at
Tue Sep 23 15:44:05 EDT 2003

On Tuesday Sep 23 at 12:16, Ryo Sakaguchi wrote:
> Hi list.
> How would I find out if an input
> is a mesh geometry?

I think the only way is to iterate over the primitives:

    for (i = gdp->primitives().entries(); i-- > 0; )
	prim = gdp->primitives()(i);
	if (prim->getPrimitiveId() & GEOHULL)
	     fprintf(stderr, "Prim %d is a mesh\n", i);
	else fprintf(stderr, "Prim %d isn't a mesh\n", i);

Of course, if you get polygons as input, they may be in mesh topology
or not.  This is a tricky problem.  You can make assumptions about how
the mesh was made and see if the p-soup matches your assumptions.
Otherwise, you can build a GQ datastructure and validate topology
information.  Not a trivial thing.

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