future HOUPLA meeting

Caleb J. Howard calebh at mediaone.net
Sat Oct 13 04:02:28 EDT 2001

I'd be fully into this.  I could show off a couple of POps.  Depending
on the timing, I could maybe update these a bit, or do something new. 
I'd be keen to see what people are doing.  I'm still new to the API, but
Houdini's real power is definitely under the hood, so to speak.

We could recreate the world.  That'd be fun.

Anyway, I'm in.  I really hope to see lots of other people's fun.

Who else?  C'mon everybody!

Thanks, Antoine!


Antoine Durr wrote:
> Hi,
>   For those of you in the Los Angeles area: I'm trying to plan a
> future Houdini user group meeting about the Houdini HDK.  I'd like to
> showcase how different facilities have used the hdk to better fit
> Houdini into their pipelines.
>   The event, which would be sometime in February or March, would
> essentially be a gallery of different OPs written by various folks,
> with quick demos on how the tools are used.  No source code, just
> executables.  The intent would be to promote the hdk, and to show how
> far Houdini can be taken in the right hands.  The presentations would
> be aimed more at users rather than programmers, i.e. the discussions
> would remain functional, rather than implementational (at least,
> that's my current thinking on this).
>   So the reason I'm writing is that I'm looking for presenters.  If
> you have some SOPs/CHOPs/POPs, etc that you'd like to show, please
> contact me.  If you haven't written anything lately, but others in
> your organization have, can you please forward this email to them?
>   Thanks,
> -- Antoine
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