Is this list still alive ...?

Caleb J. Howard calebh at
Sat Feb 17 18:41:24 EST 2001

> Alive, but in a state of deep sleep! The last exchange was Caleb's
> posts regarding class hierarchy posters. I'd be interested to know how
> much it helped you Caleb ? Having crawled all over the header files I
> have a feeling that the methods functionality and side effects (:-)
> need to be better documented. This would obviously be a large task and
> probably isn't worth the effort for sidefx's programmers who need to
> work fast and light to keep adding new functionality into Houdini
> itself.

The DOxygen software created a huge set of HTML docs which have helped
my work *immeasurably*!  I cannot imagine working without this resource
again.  I have netscape up at all times, and can find my methods and
class structures in a tiny fraction of the time it used to take me. 
Typically, I can find what I'm after in under a minute, without even
knowing that what I'm looking for exists prior to the search.  I just
completed some behavioural POps for a job I'm doing at work, and I
seriously think the DOxygen-generated reference cut my development time
by a third.  

The effort of generating these documents was basically nothing once I
had DOxygen compiled (which took an evening).  The next revision of the
devkit will take nothing more than turning this *amazing* utility loose
for a half hour or so on the new header and class files.  I have
strongly recommended that SESI include these documents with their
releases, or at least let me send them out to people.  As it stands, it
would be a violation for me to do so, as a part of the HTML docs
generated are HTML versions of the source, with links formed from every
method, class and define to the code which defines the element.  As it
includes the protected source, I may not distribute it.

It changed my life, though.  The devkit is no longer dark to my eyes.


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