Automating camera paths

Jason Ang jason.ang at
Sat Feb 17 16:32:16 EST 2001

Hi.  I'm currently evaluating Houdini for a project.  I've attended a short
tutorial and know of its strengths.  However, I would like to know if I can
achieve the following before digging deeper into its programming capabilities:

(1) Create a camera path on the surface of an object (say a NURBS surface) and
have the camera follow that (path maybe offset in the surface's normal direction
by epsilon).
(2) The view direction of the camera at each step is determined by the normal of
the corresponding surface point.
(3) Multiple views based on a permutation of the surface normal rendered at each
(4) All these except the creation of the camera path must be automated (through
Particularly, does the HDK have the functionality to give me the normal in this
manner (since the path is in a way separated from the object itself)?

Any info appreciated,

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