Is this list still alive ...?

Drew Whitehouse Drew.Whitehouse at
Fri Feb 16 16:48:51 EST 2001

>>>>> "ivan" == ivan  <ivan at> writes:
    ivan> Quoting Mark Story <Mark.Story at NAU.EDU>:
    >> Is this list still alive???
    ivan> I sure haven't seen anything...
    ivan> -Ivan

Alive, but in a state of deep sleep! The last exchange was Caleb's
posts regarding class hierarchy posters. I'd be interested to know how
much it helped you Caleb ? Having crawled all over the header files I
have a feeling that the methods functionality and side effects (:-)
need to be better documented. This would obviously be a large task and
probably isn't worth the effort for sidefx's programmers who need to
work fast and light to keep adding new functionality into Houdini


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