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Caleb J. Howard calebh at mediaone.net
Sat Dec 30 04:41:30 EST 2000

Greets y'all!

A couple of questions - such as a neophyte might ask:

1)  How do I make the second input to a POp show up as guide geometry?

2)  How do I get my menu-referenced SOp network and SOp (in the manner
that source POps, and Force POps use menus to refer to SOps) to show up
as Guide geometry?

3)  Can I show point Normal information in the guide geometry?

4)  How do I best search for methods?  For example, I'd like to
reference a SOp from my POp with the menus.  How do I take these two
menu-selected strings, and get the gdp?  How do I then find the Bounding
Box of that GDP?  How do I ascertain what space that BBox is in?  How do
I find these methods, if they exist, robustly for myself, at three in
the morning?

5)  Is there a quick method to find the n points in a reference SOp that
lie nearest to a particle within a custom POp?

6)  Has the HDK documentation been expanded upon recently?  (Mine

7)  Is there, somewhere, a poster sized diagram of the class hierarchy?
How much general use would it be to people if I decided to make one on
my own? What do people use now?

8)  How many people use the HDK, do we think?  The devkit mailing list
is pretty sparse, to say the least.  Is it worth asking these questions
here?  Does anyone from SESI answer questions posted there?  I've seen
periodic posts from Mark, etc., but I've seen questions unanswered,
too.  Is the list stable, these days?

9)  If causality is less definitive at the quantum level, does that mean
we can finally iterate our RBD's backward?

10) How good was your Solstice Feast?


P.S.   As the war monkey throws his bone into the air, we crossfade
to...  2001!
P.P.S. Hope it's good.  Be it good.

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